Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Another throwback to the first semester, here are pictures of all of my 3D-design projects:

BAYOU REGATTA- Team Gene Simmons' Head
Our last assignment in 3D was a group collaboration where we had to construct a boat in teams of 3 and race it at the end of the semester. My group decided to build a triangular one-man vessel and then paint it so that the rower would look as if he/she were inside of Gene Simmons' mouth. After the paint-job was done, we made a tongue costume out of a Pink "breast cancer awareness" snuggie (y' know, so the rower would look like a rockstar tongue flopping around the inside of Gene Simmons' mouth... get it? s' crazy!) The picture below shows the costume wadded up inside the boat.  It was so ridiculous.

THE TOY- Housefly Gumball Machine
A candy dispensing toy where you press the wings to make the head spew gumballs.

MASS PROJECT- "Ub Wyatt" Moquette
For this project, we had to create an object or sculpture conveying a strong sense of mass. I thought this would be a good opportunity to do something pertaining to my major (character moquettes!), so I decided to sculpt the biggest, nastiest monster-thing I had created. Ub Wyatt, a character I thought up for an old project called "The Cactus Kid," was the ideal candidate. With his coiled, beard-ish neck fat and bulbous form, he truly had massive qualities... Perhaps too massive. You may notice the pictures are only taken of his upper half. This is because his awkward form was so ridiculously huge, that he sort of collapsed into his feet, which were too dainty for his upper half. After propping his stomach up with little toy cars for the duration of his construction, I had no choice but to remove them and do some last minute packing to the leg area just so that he could stand in the oven. That's the last time I use hanger wire to support something that needed steel.

We had to construct a series of wire figures performing an action in rhythmic sequence. I tried to make mine tripping over itself and falling on its face. Balancing that second one in was a doosey. Since it was in the act of tripping, it never wanted to stand upright.

Monday, May 10, 2010

FEWS explosion

Yes yes more montages! All of the 30 second- 1 minute figure gestures I did during the first half of the second semester... thrown together in TWO big chunks!

Figure Drawings- 1st Semester

Alright, I'm finally getting around to uploading all that... that STUFF I did last year. Phase one: figure drawings from the first semester!