Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sit Stand

H’okaay so….This is the reason I haven’t posted anything in two months- but now summer time is here and I’m gonna’ get all up in the posting like whoa.  You don’t even know it.  You just. Don’t.  Know. (haha watch me post like 2 things before slacking off again)  A-HEMM!

            ANYHOW- This is my SitStand assignment for Computer Animation II.  We had to design, model, and rig up a character and then animate it sitting and standing in a custom environment we also built.  When I get the chance, I’d like to go in and seriously re-work parts of the animation and maybe even color-correct some stuff. As it stands (and sits) I call it a work in progress.  Also, I threw in some process work from my portfolio for good measure.  But yeah, this little doozey was quite the endeavor.