Monday, October 18, 2010

The Frog Animatic

Frog Animatic from Karl Hadrika on Vimeo.

Wow look at that!  Two concept projects in a row!  Here's another animatic we had to finish in a week.  The story consists of a frog playing a banjo and then dodging a tomato.  Once again we all tried to out-do each other with crazy variations of a simple concept.  Lots of fun.  I wish vimeo wouldn't screw up the sound for the .mov versions of these animatics.  It only seems to acknowledge the .avi files, which are much lower quality here... so I do apologize for the resolution...and for the annoying repetition of the song I used (its supposed to be annoying in the story anyway)

The bushel sign reads:  
Swamp Tomaters
Mutated Combustibility

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Arachne vs. Athena

The Weaving Contest from Karl Hadrika on Vimeo.

Ok so this is my animatic storyboard I did for my concept class.  We were each given the same script to board out and add dialogue to.  Since EVERYONE had the same story with the same lines, (the Greek myth involving Arachne and Athena) it soon became a matter of personal interpretation.  So yeah... it gets a little silly.  But its not supposed to be taken too seriously.  I threw some sound in using adobe premiere in about and hour and a half.  Would you believe I provided Athena's sporadic man voice AND the girly scream?    

Friday, October 1, 2010


Pantomime from Karl Hadrika on Vimeo.

Who can resist the charms of a fat hive hanging from a tree?  The answer is NO ONE (especially compulsive children with a taste for whimsy and wonder)