Monday, October 18, 2010

The Frog Animatic

Frog Animatic from Karl Hadrika on Vimeo.

Wow look at that!  Two concept projects in a row!  Here's another animatic we had to finish in a week.  The story consists of a frog playing a banjo and then dodging a tomato.  Once again we all tried to out-do each other with crazy variations of a simple concept.  Lots of fun.  I wish vimeo wouldn't screw up the sound for the .mov versions of these animatics.  It only seems to acknowledge the .avi files, which are much lower quality here... so I do apologize for the resolution...and for the annoying repetition of the song I used (its supposed to be annoying in the story anyway)

The bushel sign reads:  
Swamp Tomaters
Mutated Combustibility

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