Sunday, May 19, 2013

It Lives!

Hiya folks.  
I know, I know… I know.  It’s been a while...  
Things got a little crazy last semester and A LOT has happened since.  For one, my thesis film is DONE.  I can’t say when it’ll go public, but when it does, y’all should totally watch it.    

my spoof movie poster (a Ringling tradition)

...and a still from the film

In other news, I’ve graduated Ringling, moved to California, and started a freelance gig at Blur, storyboarding for The Goon.  So life is pretty neat right now.  I’ve got a few small projects in the works and now that I’m not tied down to thesis, this blog will get the partial love it so deserves. So stick around maybe because more stuff will come.  Oh yes it will.


  1. finallyyyy.. congrats on Blur man!

  2. Most magnificent and indeed, a great congratulations at Blur Studio!

  3. Your thesis film looks amazing! I wish you can post a link so that we can watch the whole film. It would certainly be a thesis help for other student on the same field as you to learn and gather information on how your film work. Anyway, congratulation!