Thursday, May 5, 2011

The other CA projects

I decided to put all my other CA projects into one heaping post- and here they are:

This was my simple polygon character from the first semester.  It was modeled, rigged, and animated with LOVE.  Originally, this little guy did a jump where his spoon was slightly airborne, but I decided to cut it.

Ahh, Robie.  you wonderfully annoying, bucktooth trashcan of a midget robot.  We all had to model this weird thing using nurbs.  It was MIND-NURBING (sorry for that)

This is the first part of our texturing/lighting assignment.  The clip is of a cemetery at daybreak while the still image beneath it is the night scene.  We were all given the same cemetery set to texture and light.  Yeeee.

The second part of the assignment, was to light and texture a still life with fruit.  And um yeah... painting textures and lighting and what-not.  It was delicious.


  1. YAY you got your grapes to work! :) Nice work

  2. reaaaaaally diggin all the work youve done ! happy to have stumbled across it

  3. Great stuff! Found your Blogger thru CB.

    I had one of those Robies when I was a kid! I wonder if it's still boxed up somewhere at my parents. In any case when I first saw the pic above I thought it was an actual photo, so nice work.