Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Story Images

Our last assignment in Concept II was to churn out a bunch of story images.  In case you were wondering, I love drawing open mouths.

This one is based on the unfortunate true story of an instance where I burst into my 12 grade English class, five minutes late and choking on carrots.  This was the tragic result of running as fast as I could while furiously eating carrots at the same rate (I had worked through my lunch period and was starving).  Naturally, the first thing you do after running as fast as you can is taking a huge breath, so it didn't help that my mouth was full of choke-sized carrot bits.  I burst through the door to a room full of quiet, seated peers and immediately began hacking carrots all over them.  It... it just happened so fast.

This ones about a guy who gets smacked in the face by an angry baboon avery time he smokes a cigarette.  I don't think theres anything else to say.


  1. Hey man, these are phenomonal! Your lines have so much energy and every aspect of the image is so expressive! Looking forward to your future posts

  2. Your sketching style fucking rocks.

  3. You have made me so happy on an otherwise stressful and dreary day. I guffawed. Thank you so much.

  4. This sort of feedback fills me with so much JOY. Thank you guyz

  5. this is wonderful.
    Baboon drawing = glory.

  6. Such commitment and energy, indeed

    That baboon bitch-slap is EPIC!!