Thursday, March 29, 2012


This was my second pitch for thesis.  Have you ever noticed how sinister and terrifying nutcrackers are?  I mean look at them!  It's a tiny wooden man with painted baby teeth used for BREAKING things.  I think its time for everyone to be secretly afraid of them... as I am. 

and now its Time for some sweet, sweet assets...

 Character Designs

I've been drawing versions of this punkass, beaver-toothed kid since early high school.  There's just something about his character I find wonderfully aggravating- but he's just a kid so you can't beat him up... unless you're a nutcracker.

 Color Beats

Environment and Props 

Story-Telling Image

Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum, Summer 2006- Where fear is born.  I'm pretty sure that mug is solely meant for drinking my blood 
(it has my NAME inscribed on it) 


  1. this was hilarious, Karl. Really good stuff. Make it happen!

  2. Thanks, Avner. I'll definitely be making... something like this lol

  3. kkkkk
    Man you have AWESOME ideas!!
    and nice sense of humor ;)