Sunday, March 4, 2012

So Emotional

This is my emotions exercise (the thing we do before the actual dialogue test) using the rig I built of myself.  For class we had to show the whole body and then the head by itself in the other half of the frame.  I animated to the camera, so any jaw drag or hair bounce translates as a distracting rupture to the head-only render.  Plus you can see where I may have... strategically cheated.  Some things aren't meant to be seen from certain angles haha.  When I make my actual reel, I'll probably just include the full body render- In the meantime you can cover half the screen with your palm, mousepad, or pet cat.  Thanks :)


  1. That's looking great dude!

    Is there a lattice attached to your rig? I'm trying to figure out how you're getting such nice squash and stretch movements.

  2. Thanks guys! There actually isn't a lattice attached, Dennis. I'm using "rapid rig" with several custom scripts added- they enable certain things like head squash and stretch and toon limbs. Weighting that junk is kind of a pain though lol